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CIAC Revised Rules of Procedure

Mediation – is referred to a single neutral third party, called a mediator, who is tasked to assist the disputing parties arrive at a settlement. The Mediator does not decide. He/she merely makes recommendations for the parties consider.

Arbitration – is a way of settling dispute(s) between parties who agree to submit the same for resolution by their nominated judges or arbitrators. A decision or an award rendered by arbitrator/s in CIAC arbitration proceedings is enforceable by a writ of execution.

Two Modes of Arbitration:

List of Active Arbitrators and their Professions (Click the LAST NAME to view their Curriculum Vitae):

List of CIAC-Accredited Arbitrators (As of 22 January 2024)

  1. ABIERA, Ramon L. – Architect/Environmental Planner
  2. ACORDA, Zenaida O.– Lawyer
  3. ALLADO, Ramon F.** – Civil Engineer
  4. ALLI, Armando A. – Architect
  5. ANDALIS, Sonny G. – Civil Engineer
  6. ANTONIO, Roger G. – Civil / Sanitary Engineer
  7. AURELIO, Ramuel C.– Architect / Bachelor of Laws
  8. AUTEA, Arthur P.– Lawyer
  9. BALDE, Tony-Kar III M. – Architect
  10. BAROQUE, Teodoro C., Jr.– Lawyer
  11. BATUNGBAKAL, Myra Angeli G.– Lawyer
  12. BORJA, Jerico T.– Mechanical Engineer
  13. BORJA, Julius D.** – Civil Engineer
  14. CABANG, Yvonne O. – Civil Engineer
  15. CASTRO, Salvador Jr. P. – Civil Engineer
  16. CARIÑO, Danilo B.– Civil/Sanitary Engineer
  17. CARIÑO, Marlon M.– Lawyer / Architect (Active)
  18. CONCEPCION, Juan P.– Civil Engineer
  19. CONTI, Leandro A.– Mechanical Engineer
  20. CORTES, Reynaldo A.*– Lawyer/Electronics & Communications Engineer
  21. COSICO, Manuel M. – Lawyer
  22. DADOR, Manolo G. – Mechanical Engineer
  23. DE ALBAN, Josefin S. Jr.– Lawyer/Civil Engineer
  24. DE CASTRO, Jean Jacquelyn N.A – Lawyer
  25. DE CASTRO, Ernesto S.– Civil/Structural Engineer
  26. DELA CRUZ, Julie Cristie M. – Civil Engineer
  27. DELA CRUZ, Marisher C. – Civil Engineer
  28. DELMORO, Enrico Claro R. – Electrical/ Electrinics & Communication Engineer
  29. ESPINOSA, Lourdes J.– Lawyer
  30. EVANGELISTA, Eliseo I.– Civil/Structural Engineer, Environmental Planner
  31. FAJARDO, Beda G.–  Lawyer (Active)
  32. FERNANDEZ, Alfredo A. – Architect
  33. FIRME, Wenfredo A.– Mechanical Engineer
  34. FORNAL, Rogelio F.– Civil Engineer
  35. FORTUNADO, Arnel V. – Civil Engineer
  36. GALACIO, Elmar B. – Lawyer
  37. GUERZON, Wilfredo Jr. H.** – Civil Engineer
  38. GUTIERREZ, Estelita Y. – Civil/Sanitary Engineer
  39. ISON, Ronaldo S. – Civil/Structural Engineer
  40. JEREZA, Daphne T.– Lawyer
  41. JOSE, Nathalyn H.– Civil Engineer
  42. KU, Francis U. ** – Lawyer
  43. LAVARES, Irene D. ** – Lawyer/Civil/Environmental/Sanitary Engineer
  44. LAZATIN, Victor P.– Lawyer
  45. LEONCIO, Potenciano Jr. A.– Civil Engineer
  46. LIM, Kenneth S. – Lawyer
  47. MAGBUTAY, Gilbert B.– Civil Engineer, Geodetic Engr.
  48. MALVAR, Alfredo Pablo S.– Lawyer
  49. MARTINEZ, Eliel Jovencio P. – Civil Engineer
  50. MORALLOS, Jesusito G.– Civil Engineer/Lawyer
  51. OLITOQUIT, Maria Luisa DV – Civil Engineer
  52. OMILA, Julius Anthony R.– Lawyer
  53. ONGKIKO, Ricardo Ma. PG– Lawyer
  54. ORTEGA, Jose I.– Civil Engineer
  55. PACANAN, Jaime A.– Civil Engineer
  56. PANGA, Salvador Jr. S.– Lawyer
  57. PARAISO, Joshua Gilbert F. – Lawyer
  58. PARLADE, Custodio O.– Lawyer
  59. PASICARAN, Danilo R.* – Civil/Mechanical Engineer
  60. PEÑALOSA, Rodolfo R.– Engineer
  61. PINOY, Ray Anthony O.  – Lawyer
  62. PIO RODA, Felicitas A.– Architect
  63. PRODIGALIDAD, Patricia-Ann T.– Lawyer
  64. PUEBLO, Joenar D.C.– Lawyer
  65. RAYA, Albino T. – Civil Engineer
  66. REYES, Rommel S.– Architect
  67. RUBIO, Glecerio Jr. A. – Civil Engineer
  68. SANTOS, Tricia S. – Lawyer
  69. SAN JUAN, Ricardo B.– Civil Engineer
  70. SELIM, Arturo G. – Lawyer
  71. SESPENE, Pantaleon Jr. A. – Civil Engineer
  72. TABAYOYONG, Randall C. – Lawyer
  73. TAN, Ma. Gracia M. Pulido– Lawyer, Certified Public Accountant
  74. TENSUAN, Jose Martin R.– Lawyer
  75. Valdeavilla, Sonia T. – Civil Engineer
  76. VALDERRAMA, Mario E.– Lawyer
  77. VALEROS,  Fidel T. – Lawyer
  78. VILLEGAS, John Ezra U.– Lawyer
  79. VIRAY, Belarmino Y. – Civil Engineer
  80. YEE, Gregorio C. ** – Civil Engineer

* – Visayas-based
** – Mindanao-based
N/A – Not Available / Incumbent CIAC Chairman / On Leave
RL – Reserved List

For completion of required credit points for attendance/participation in the Mediators and Arbitrators Continuing Education (MACE) Program per CIAC Resolution No. 04-2011.

For details, please see directory at the Philippine Institute of Construction Arbitrators and Mediators, Inc. (PICAM) website:

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