This document offers descriptions and explanations on the provisions in CIAP Document 102—the Uniform General Conditions of Contract for Private Construction in the Philippines, citing relevant jurisprudence on the practical application of the laws and construction industry practices, with synopses of cases decided by the Supreme Court.

The purpose of this document is to familiarize the readers with the key provisions in construction contracts, highlighting the respective rights and obligations of the contracting parties and providing the procedures, guidelines, and the criteria to be used in situations that normally arise or may possibly happen during project implementation. Each section contains the gist of the provisions offered therein underscoring the importance of each of them and citing relevant jurisprudence to guide the readers on how to ascertain, prevent, and manage risks and issues in construction projects. The case briefs are presented to give the readers a grasp of the circumstances surrounding the issues and to give them insights on the practical application of the laws, the industry practice, and the provisions in CIAP Document 102, in the interpretation of ambiguities of the contract and filling in the omission of provisions which are ordinarily established.

DOWNLOAD HERE: CIAP DOCUMENT 102. Annotations with Case Synopses and Jurisprudence- Vol 1

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