Photo taken during the Graduation Ceremony held at St. Giles Makati Hotel last July 27, 2022
Photo taken during the Graduation Ceremony held at St. Giles Makati Hotel last July 27, 2022

The Philippine Domestic Construction Board (PDCB), in partnership with the Construction Manpower Development Foundation (CMDF), conducted a Constructors Performance Evaluation System – Trainers’ Training and Certification Program (CPES-TCP) last 11-18 July 2022 with the end-goal of developing enough pool of trainers, on Constructors’ Performance Evaluation System (CPES) for the accreditation training of new CPES evaluators.  

Representing various CPES implementing government agencies, a total of 27 CPES Evaluators successfully completed and passed the training. This program was able to transform these evaluators into trainers, with the help of Engr. Rodolfo Menguita as Resource Person, Engr. Agustin Torres, a CMDF certified trainer and an Engineer II at the National Building Code Development Office, and Engr. Noel Yambao, an accredited CPES evaluator of TIEZA and CMDF certified trainer on CPES, served as panelists in the assessment of the participants. 

With the government’s infrastructure push to boost economic growth and several infrastructure projects in the pipeline, which under Annex E of the IRR of RA 9184 are required to undergo evaluation using CPES, it is anticipated that there would be a demand from various government agencies for additional CPES evaluators, hence, the need to conduct more trainings.  

To cap off the success of the trainees, a graduation ceremony was held at St. Giles Makati Hotel last July 27, 2022 in the presence of CIAP Executive Director-In-Charge Ms. Doris U. Gacho, and CMDF Executive Director and CIAC Director-in-Charge Engr. Rene E. Fajardo. 

CPES is a uniform rating system for evaluating the performance of constructors based on a set of criteria. The evaluation is done at certain stages during the actual construction of the project, and upon its completion. Section 13, Annex E of the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulation (RIRR) of R.A. 9184 or the Government Procurement Reform Act, requires all procuring entities implementing government infrastructure projects to evaluate the performance of their contractors using the NEDA-approved CPES guidelines for the type of project being implemented.  


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