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CMDF administers a Competency Assessment and Certification Program to enhance the competencies and capabilities of the manpower resources of the Construction Industry with the end-in-view of making the industry globally competitive.



The ECOMTCP is the product of an industry-led application of lessons learned from the pilot construction project management program of CMDF – the COMTCP.

The Construction Managers’ Training & Certification Program (COMTCP) is a program to train, evaluate and certify construction engineers at supervisory and managerial levels who have been engaged in construction.


  1. Introduce a training and certification program that upholds rigorous construction project management standards, and is reflective of the current practices of the discipline;
  2. Introduce a training and certification program that can raise the competitive advantage and expand career advancement opportunities of construction project managers through highlighted competency, and increased visibility and global mobility;
  3. Introduce a training and certification program that is committed to professional development;
  4. Strike a balance between global eminence (conformity to international standards) and local relevance; and
  5. Provide impartial and credible means to validate domain knowledge and professional experience related to construction project management.

This course is an in-house offering only. To know more about the program, click here.



TCP aims to develop a pool of proficient construction industry instructors who can transfer their skills and knowledge to a wider audience. This would result in a multiplier effect where there would be an exponential increase in instructors and training/workshop programs to cover the growing demand for competent construction workforce. The program will guarantee effective and dynamic trainers with increased skills in delivery of quality construction workshops and training to future Project Managers and Supervisors.


  1. Define and explain learning process.
  2. Identify which teaching method is appropriate depending on seminar needs.
  3. Interpret and manage conduct of training with adult participants.
  4. Conceptualize and conduct training lesson.
  5. Evaluate and give feedback to adult participants.

This course is an in-house offering only.



FTCP is designed to develop competent construction foremen. During the course, participants will learn the roles and responsibilities of a foreman. In addition, they will learn how to create an effective work team, supervise work, communicate effectively, apply problem solving skills, document and maintain records, maintain labor management relations, measure work productivity. plan and schedule work, implement safety and environmental program, and ensure the quality of construction projects.


  1. Define and analyze the foreman’s role in construction site.
  2. Acquire the knowledge and skills of a construction foreman.
  3. Identify root causes of problems encountered in the project and provide best solutions.
  4. Demonstrate the competencies of a construction foreman.
  5. Ensure safety and zero accident in construction site.

This course is an in-house offering only.



CSTCP aims to upgrade the competencies of Project Superintendents and Supervisors focusing on the management functions of planning, organizing, implementing and control, and applying their leadership functions in achieving both project and corporate goals and objectives. It will also focus on productivity and improvement.


  1. Explain principles and concepts of Productivity.
  2. Walk through the different supervisory/management functions as applied to the development of a pre-construction plan focusing on time management.
  3. Walk through the most sought characteristics of an extraordinary leader and the best leadership practices that he lives out
  4. Walk through the Productivity and Improvement Process (PSDM) as they develop their productivity improvement project.
  5. Manifest better appreciation of the different conceptual skills and their significance relative to the nature of the participants’ specific jobs in their respective workplaces

This course is an in-house offering only.



CMDP laid out the potential paths ahead and learning experiences of aspiring construction professionals. Experts from the government, industry, and academe worked together to design the program.


  1. Strengthen the construction management team and achieve operational excellence.
  2. Provide and baseline leadership and management competencies required by the Construction Industry.
  3. Provide a supportive environment within the Construction Industry through mentoring and training.


  1. CMDP Series 100 – Bridges a perceived gap between graduates and job expectations
    • Construction Field Operation Course
    • Construction Quantity Surveyor Course
    • Construction QA/QC Course
  2. CMDP Series 200 – Focuses on planning, leading, organizing, and controlling construction activities.
    • Construction Site Supervision Course
    • Construction Project Planning Course
    • Construction QA/QC Supervision Course
  3. CMDP Series 300 – Focuses on the Management of Construction Project and Processes
    • Construction Management Course
    • Construction Contract Management Course
    • Construction QA/QC Management Course
  4. CMDP Series 400 – Focuses on engaging in integrative construction strategies
    • Construction Project Management Course



  1. Drone 101: Basic Drone Operations Course
  • The course intends to provide a brief overview of the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude required for drone operations, either for personal or professional gain.
  • This program aims to give participants appreciation on the wide applications of drone technology in the construction industry.
  • It is a prerequisite to a more comprehensive course that will cover the application of drone-based intelligence software, i.e., surveying and mapping software.
  1. Advance Drone Operations Course (more details to follow)



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